Baby Toothbrush

Iseng, collecting berbagai macam sikat gigi utk bayi, dari yang cuma untuk massage gusi sampai yang sikat gigi beneran ^_^

Microfiber finger brush

Silicon Safety Toothbrush

Brush Baby

Baby Banana

First Teeth Set Bebisol

Beaba Toothbrush

Fnac Toothbrush set

Oral B Stages Advance Power (Elektrik)



Snack Trap

I bought this Snack Trap couple months ago thru eBay UK. My purpose was to use it in the car when my kids were having a trip and needed to do snacking. One packet contains two Snack Trap. It's good since I have two kids. But for my little one, it was too early, she was not reaching 9 months old yet. But now, she is ready (she's 14 months old).

I can say that Snack Trap meets my need when I don't want any additional mess at home because of snacks. So, it's not only to be used in the car.

Snack Trap, worth to buy for your toddler!

Note. Photo is from Baby Walz