Cloth Diapers Online Stores in France

From so many online stores that sell cloth diapers in France, Lilinappy is the one that has various brands. They have so many imported CDs. Still, they sell many local CDs (that's very good).


There's another online store that I like, especially during sale :p: Bébé au Naturel.


Brindilles was the first online store where we bought the first set of cloth diapers for our little miss. Now they have already merged (something like that) with Lilinappy.


And this one is relatively new (compared to others). I never buy from this Apinapi but it seems interesting if we can visit their offline store in Paris.


They are some others like Jolilola, Melicott, La P'tit Sauterelle, Maman Naturelle, etc. And, of course it's also possible to buy directly to the fabricants (usually small or home based industries): Lulu Nature, Ptits Dessous, La Petite Prairie, Hamac, Sweet Nature, etc.

I knew some local fabricants that stopped producing (closing their business). So sad considering some of them were creating very beautiful cloth diapers. Unique, original, creative creations. Meanwhile, the new fabricants are developing too. Sometimes I saw some new brands that I've never heard before :)

Happy shopping!


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